Winter 2017 Lettuce Program Mini Grant

VPK, Elementary

This program is designed for younger students - appropriate for 4-12 year olds.

* S T E M *

Applicable for STEM goals

Public, Private, HomeSchool Groups

Mini Grants eligible to all teachers

Complete Activities Kit for Winners

Lettuce Plants growing in Pots

Organic Pots, Lettuce Seeds, Potting Soil, Greenhouse Bags

*Space near Window in classroom necessary for plant growth

Activities & Lessons surrounding plant growth

Recipes for classroom preparation and eating

Recipes and Nutritional Information for students to take home

Lettuce Plant for students to take home at Christmas Winter Break

Students Participating

Project Reporting to include the number of students participating and teacher review of program


Teacher Report of Frequency and Efficiency of activities

Novel Educational Experience for Students

Culminating in a plant to take home for every student

Lettuce Mini Grants Flyer (pdf)


Teacher Reporting

Project Overall

Reporting on over all effectiveness of project and take away of students


In keeping with school photography policy, activity photos should be submitted on a regular basis

Specific Ratings

Student Impact

Student Achievement


Educational Value



What specific school benchmarks are met through this project

Student Testimonials

Students evaluate project with written testimonials